Energy Healing Training Program

Spiritual Journey Energy Healing Training is Recognized as a Bodywork School under the ABMP

(Associated Body Work and Massage Practitioners)

Reiki Treatment

Do you want to learn Energy Healing or become a Professional Energy Healer? 

Are you a massage therapist or someone who offers beauty or health services and would like to easily increase your earnings, provide enhanced results for your clients, better maintain your own energy levels, truly align your practice with your authentic self, and have less physical stress on your body… then Integrating Energy Healing and vibrational healing tools into your practice is just what you need!  

Energy Healing is the Beautiful Integration of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science: 

What do Energy Healers Do?

Energy Healers work with an individual over a period of time to help them understand their life as a learning experience for their soul while providing them with resources and techniques to promote self-understanding and personal growth so they can experience enhanced health and happiness. The healer works with a client as an individual person guiding them in making positive life changes while honoring and respecting their unique life experiences and their journey as an evolving spiritual being. A healer teaches and facilitates energy balancing treatments and techniques which promotes an experience of feeling more aliveness, mental and emotional clarity, and personal integration.

Energy healers facilitate healing sessions that are specific and personal to each client and what they need at the time of the session. Each session is unique and designed specifically for the client using the best combination of tools and techniques. 

Healing Sessions are a Combination of:

Chakra Cleansing, Reconstruction, & Balancing  

Colored Light Therapy

Sound Therapy

Essential Oils

Acutonics (Tuning Forks)

Chinese Meridian Clearing

Bach Flower Remedies

Breathe Work & Chanting


Shamanistic Healing

Energetic Cord Work

Specialized Energetic Treatment (Respiratory system, Liver, Spine, Lymphatic system, Adrenal system, Nervous system, Sushumna, Spleen, & Tissue repair.)

About Our Training Program: 

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Our Training Program Consists of 350 hours of Training!

Level 1: Energy Healing Foundations Course
Level 2: Energy Pathways Advanced Techniques 
Level 3: Specialized
 Energetic Body Treatments! 

Level 1: Energy Healing Foundations Course

Accepting Application Interviews!

Space is Limited. 

Our first course, Energy Healing Foundations, helps our students to learn and develop the skills and techniques required to safely and professionally provide energy healing sessions. This course is not just for a beginner as it can enhance the knowledge and skill set of a variety of different types of healing practitioners including Reiki, massage, and more. The course focuses on a deep understanding of how energy works, the details of the aura and Chakra system, developing the students gifts through personal healing, specialized vibrational tools and techniques, shadow healing, ethics and boundaries, and much more. Upon completion  

of Energy Healing Foundations, the student will be able to provide professional level energy healing services to clients and will be invited to continue onto the Energy Pathways Advanced Techniques Course.  

 Level2: Energy Pathways Advanced Techniques

Our Advanced course is only available to students who have successfully completed the Energy Healing Foundations Course. This course integrates a basic Anatomy & Physiology Class from an accredited source. The Advanced course will build upon the tools and techniques previously learned and will add in advanced energetic healing such as working with Chinese meridian system, colored light therapy, energetic cord work, chakra reconstruction, and energetic tissue repair. Upon completion of the Energy Pathways Advanced Techniques Course, students will then be eligible to learn specialized energetic body treatments.


Level 3: Specialized Energetic Body Treatments

Upon completion of the Energy Pathways and Advanced Techniques Course students will be able to learn 8 different specialized energetic body treatments and will receive a 350 hour training certificate of completion and will be listed on our Graduate Practitioner List.  

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Training also available via Private Training Event at your location or at one of our Partner Locations!

For Info regarding Private Events or to Become a Location Partner Click the button below!  

Our energy healing training program is a combination of online training, in-person training, self-study and practice. Our training program is designed to support you as spiritual being in developing your healing gifts and cultivating the skills, techniques and deep self-trust required to successfully help others heal. We offer several extensive training courses to provide you with best education, techniques, advanced energetic treatments, safe practices, use of vibrational healing tools, personal development and successful business practices.  

Class size consists of a small group of students (4-12 people) to allow plenty of one-to-one interaction and guidance with the instructor(s) while providing a safe and intimate learning environment. All students participate in an application interview prior to registration. During the interview process we are thoughtful in considering the group of students that will be working together.

Our online classroom makes it convenient to be able to balance your life and work with your training. Through the online platform you can participate in video training, print off handouts and worksheets, work at your own pace, and easily review the course content. The platform is designed to give you flexibility while still keeping you accountable and help you stay on track.  

In-person training sessions are scheduled for specific dates for each course and are listed under the course information page. Training sessions include are variety of activities such as lecture, movement, bodywork and more. Students will partner with each other to practice receiving and giving energy healing sessions. Students are required to give practice sessions at home between classes as part of the homework. 

Brynna M. Lyon~ Certified Energy Therapist

Training Classes are facilitated by Brynna Lyon- Certified Energy Therapist. Brynna is the owner of Spiritual Journey Energy Healing Training and has over 11 years' experience serving clients along with a 560 hour Diploma in the art and science of energy healing and vibrational medicine. Brynna is also a holistic life coach, published author (Space Clearing Guidebook) and a proud professional member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Practitioner's  Association. Over the years, Brynna has worked with several other healers and coaches who have been amazed with her skills, knowledge and ability to truly help them. Her client's have profound life transformations and many of them have requested to learn from her how to do this remarkable healing work. After many thoughtful hours of planning and preparing Brynna is NOW offering her knowledge and mentoring to the world. 

Some of the Content from our Training Courses Includes:

The Aura and Aura Levels

The Chakra System and Energy Blockages

The Structure and Function of a Chakra

7 Major Individual Chakras 

The Nadis, Kundalini Energy, Atomic Web

Awakened Chakras and the Spiritual Gifts Within  ​

Energetic Hygiene & Self-Care

Understanding Energy and Vibration

The Laws of The Universe

Ethics and Boundaries

The Role of a Healer

Charging/Discharging Energy

Channeling Color Frequencies

Developing Your High Sense Perception

Testing Chakra Blockages

Clearing & Filling Chakras

Balancing Chakras

Shadow Healing

Energetic Cord Work

Belief Systems

Authentic & Conditioned Self

Generational Patterning & Core Shame

Developing Deep Self-Love

Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Safety and Methods of Use

Chinese Meridian System

The Elements & Traditional Chinese Medicine Concepts

Source Points, Alarm Points, Chakra Points, Acupressure points

Chakra Reconstruction 

Energetic Grid Work

Energetic Tissue Repair

Specialized Energetic Treatments

Properties of Color

Color Light Healing 

Legal Guidelines and Scope of Practice

Business Management Tools

Ethics and Client Management

Moving through Money Blockages

Documentation/Soap Note Charting specific to Energy Healing            

Individual Meridian Pathways Through the Body              

The Environment and the Chakra System                     

Bach Flower Remedies

Emotional Healing- Flower Remedies in combination with Meridian Points & Specialized Treatment

Tuning Fork Basics & Safe Usage

Clearing Blockages within the Chinese Meridians

Tuning Fork Chakra Clearing and Balancing Treatment


Energy Healers do not manipulate tissues, diagnose disease, or prescribe medication.

Healing is a direct response to clearing and balancing the Chakras and energy meridians so they may regain the proper energy flow and balance within the subtle energy systems. The body has an innate ability  to heal itself when it is able to correctly process energy and this manifests results on all levels physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.