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Host a Private Training Event

Private training is available for small groups or businesses that would like to participate in our Energy Healing Training Program with the convenience of having us travel to your location.

Private Energy Healing Training Program Specifics

  • Please see below for Training Location Qualifications.

  • Training is available for 6-12 people with 6-person min. 

  • For states that have licensing regulations for energy healing, all participants must already meet the legal requirements such as having a massage license or other equivalent licensing and must carry professional or student insurance. (To be discussed in consultation.)

  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to book your private event and secure training dates. This will be credited to your payment.

  • Due to the nature of energy healing work, all participants must complete registration via application interview and sign our student training agreement within 2 weeks of scheduling the private event.

  • $2500/participant is due upon completion of application interviews. The remaining balance will be due in full at Training Week 1.  

  • Payment can be charged to each individual participant or can be invoiced to a person/company. 

Private Training Event Costs:

The total cost of a private training event includes the regular program cost per participant and the appropriate travel and lodging fees.     

Regular Program Cost: 

Level 1: $5,000/participant

Level 2: TBD

Level 3: TBD

Travel Fee: (From Sumner, WA Office Location) 

Local within 20 miles: no fee

Within 100 miles: $225 flat fee

Within US requires flights: $1500 flat fee

Lodging Fee: (waived if safe & reasonable accommodations provided)

Local within 15 miles: No Charge

Everywhere Else: $1,000

Private Energy Healing Training Program
Location Qualifications

  • There needs to be someone who will be the point-of-contact person for the event. This person be help coordinate with us and will need to  be responsible to receive and store packages that will contain training supplies that will be shipped ahead of time.  

  • The training location should be done at a peaceful, clean, & high vibe location. 

  • There needs to be a large private & quiet space that will accommodate tables and chairs for each participant along 3-6 massage tables that can be walked completely around. The space will be utilized for 3-4 entire days at a time for training weeks and needs to be locked at the end of each day.

  • Plenty of parking

  • Access to bathrooms

  • A kitchen/ break room for lunches or be located near restaurants and food options.

  • Tables & Chairs for all participants and the Teacher.

  • Access to drinking water. Hot water, tea, and coffee is appreciated but not required.

  • Pens & Clipboards for all Participants and Teacher.

We will discuss options for the following location needs:

  • 3- 6- Wooden Legged Massage Tables with Face Cradles and arm rests

  • 3-6- Wipeable Knee & Neck Bolters

  • 3-6- Step stools