Massage Table

Host a Private Training Event or Become a Location Partner. 

Why should you host our Energy Healing Training Program?

  • Hosting a Private Training Event provides a discounted rate for your private group/employees.

  • Hosting a Location Partner Event is compensated and provides an excellent opportunity to expand & grow your business while providing great exposure for other services, products, & classes your location already provides.

  • Start offering energy healing or expand current services at your location! The skills, specialized tools and techniques we teach are wonderful to integrate into massage, reiki, and other bodywork.

  • We feature our Location Partners on our website under our training program information. This is offers great exposer to everyone who views our training program.

  • We feature our Graduating Practitioners on our website. Anyone looking for services can be linked right to your location!

About Private Events

  • Please see below for Training Location Qualifications & Training Schedule for planning purposes.

  • Private events are available for 4-12 people.

  • When 6 or more people participate, there is a discount of $500/person.

  • A minimum fee equal to 4 participants is required to provide a private event.  

  • Due to the nature of energy healing work, all participants must complete registration via application interview and sign our student training agreement within 2 weeks of scheduling the private event.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $1500/person is due at the time of the application interview. The remainder of the balance will be due at the start date of the course.

  • The Deposit/Payment can be changed to each individual participant or can be invoiced to a person/company. 

Become a Location Partner

  • Location partners are featured on our website with hands-on training being hosted at your facility.

  • We are selective about our partners to assure they are in alignment with our core values and operating ethics. At this time, we will partner with a maximum of 4 Locations for our 2023 schedule . 

  • Please see Training Location Qualifications & Training Schedule to see if your facility qualifies.

  • We will work together to schedule a training event and agreement will be signed.  

  • This is a collaborative partnership that requires some marketing efforts and is generously compensated at $500/student who participates. A minimum of 4 students is required.

  • Partners will be provided with flyers specific to your location and event dates along with the training program information and registration link for marketing purposes. All participants will register and pay through the application interview process with Brynna directly.

Training Location Qualifications

  • Professional, Peaceful, Clean, & High Vibe Location

  • Large Private & Quiet Space that will accommodate up to 12 students and 4 massage tables that can be walked completely around. The space will be utilized for 3-4 entire days at a time for training weeks and needs to be locked at the end of each day.

  • Plenty of parking

  • Access to bathrooms

  • A kitchen/ break room for lunches or be located near restaurants and food options.

  • Tables & Chairs for up to 12 people.

  • Access to drinking water. Hot water, tea, and coffee is appreciated but not required.

  • Pens & Clipboards for all Particpants

We will discuss options for the following location needs:

  • 4- Wooden Legged Massage Tables with Face Cradles and arm rests

  • 4- Wipeable Knee & Neck Bolters

  • 4- Step stools

Training Schedule

Our program is a combination of Online Content, student practice sessions (done at student’s home), and Hands-On Training Weeks (provided at your location). The information below show the approximate time needed for each training week along with the before and in-between times needed for online and practice sessions.  

3-Total Training Weeks:

  • Marketing & Registration: Private events: 1-2 weeks to complete application interview process. Location partners: Minimum of 6 weeks.

  • Start Date/Online: 7-8 weeks then Training Week 1: 4-days (8 hours/day)

  • Online: 4-5 weeks then Training Week 2: 4-days (8 hours/day)

  • Online: 8-10 weeks then Training Week 3: 4-days (8 hours/day),

  • Online: 2-3 Weeks (students will need to finish and send practice session homework)