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350 Hour Energy Healing Certification
Training Program

The first of 3 levels in our complete 350 hour certification program

Please check below for our NEW CLASS DETAILS & DATES. Updated- 2/27/23

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Learn the Art & Science of Energy Healing While Healing Yourself & Developing Your Spiritual Gifts!

Register Now via Application Interview Appointment!

Registration is first come first serve until filled. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. 

Spring 2023 Class Info: 

Registration Ends: March 10th, 2023

  • We have 4 spots available.

  • The Online start date and Training week dates will be scheduled upon registration completion with the input of all students to help best accommodate everyone's schedule.

  • Our energy healing program will no longer consist of in-home practice sessions or student clinic. Instead students will be mentoring directly with Brynna at her office to provide reduced fee services to clients and to learn all aspects of business.

  • Students will be able to keep their tips along with other incentives to help supplement training costs.

  • We do have an in-house payment plan available!

Online Training Dates:


Hands-On Training Dates:


Week 1: TBD 4 days (8 hour days)

Week 2: TBD 3 days (8 hour days)

Week 3: TBD 3 days (8 hour days)

Spiritual Journey Energy Healing Training is Recognized as a Bodywork School under the ABMP (Associated Body Work and Massage Practitioners).

Unable to join us for this class date but want to take this course?

No worries. We got you covered. Simply join our Student Email List to be contacted when our next class starts. Scroll to bottom of page for sign-up form. 

Energy Healing Foundation Course Content


Designed to Help You:

  • Gain a comprehensive education in the art & science of energy healing.

  • Master specialized hands-on healing techniques.

  • Safely & effectively develop & awaken your Chakras, develop your high sense perception, & refine your gifts and skills.

  • Cultivate the wisdom & harmony within yourself to successfully provide professional healing services.

Energy Healing Safe Practices

•The Role of a Healer

•Energetic Hygiene & Self-Care

•Listening Skills

•Healing Session Basics

Shadow Healing & Spiritual Connection

•Authentic & Conditioned Self

•Connecting & Working with Source/Spirit

•Generational Patterning & Core Shame

•Developing Deep Self-Love


•What are Essential Oils

•Using Quality Therapeutic Grade oil

•Essential Oil Safety and Methods of Use

Ethics and Boundaries

•Energy Healing Ethics


•Communication & Listening

•Money & Services

The Principals and Science of Energy

•Understanding Energy and Vibration

•The Laws of The Universe​

Acuntonics: Tuning Forks

•Tuning Fork Basics & Safe Usage

•Tuning Fork Chakra Clearing and Balancing Treatment

Chakras & Energy Healing Sessions

•Testing Chakra Blockages

•Clearing, Filling & Balancing Chakras

•Filling with Color Frequencies

•Charging/Discharging Energy

•Sealing Joints

•Channeling Energy & Color Frequencies

•Developing Your High Sense Perception

•Soap Notes/Charting