Energy Healing Advanced Course 

100 hours

42 hours: Classroom Training

18 hours: Self-Study, Homework and Practice Sessions

40 hours: Internship and Mentoring at Anahata Energy Healing Source 

Our advanced energy healing course is truly going to take your energy healing skills to an entirely new level. This course was designed to help you successfully start your own energy healing practice and be among the most advanced and knowledgeable in your craft. You will integrate all of the material and training from our foundations and energy pathways courses to provide advanced specialized energetic treatments that will absolutely produce results you did not think was possible with energy healing. Brynna is going to give you the recipe to create your dream healing practice through practical business management resources, energetic alignment tools, and providing real-time work experience and personal mentoring. 

Upon completion of this course you will have the skills and knowledge of Certified Energy Healer with a total 244 Hours of Training (Advanced Course + Prerequisite Courses)

Course Structure & Requirements: 


  • Energy Healing Foundations Course

  • Energy Pathways & The Elements Course (Or equivalent courses or professional experience) 

  • Must have a Basic Anatomy & Physiology Course or Equivalent from an Accredited Source


Liability Insurance: Student are required to have liability issuance for this training. You can use your own or student insurance is available through ABMP for $15/month.


Registration: This course is available to all students who meet the prerequisites. Please call to register.  


Training and Homework: Classes consist of a small group of students (4-8 people) to allow plenty of one-to-one interaction and guidance with the instructor(s) while providing a safe and intimate learning environment. Classes will include are variety of activities including lecture, movement, bodywork and more. There is required homework that will be done in between classes. During classes, students will partner with each other to practice receiving and giving energy healing sessions. 


40-Hour Intern and Mentoring at AHES: Students will participate in an internship at AEHS where they will receive personal mentoring in all aspects of client and business management as well as provide energy healing sessions to paying clients. This is a beautiful opportunity to gain real work experience as a professional healer serving real clients while still being mentored and supported during the whole processes. Students will coordinate together to find times that work with their availability. Clients will have the opportunity to receive private energy healing sessions at a very reduced cost (but certainly not quality) with our internship students while Brynna is near by to assist if need be. Students will assist in all parts of business including reception, providing services, scheduling clients, retail management, and more. Student will be allowed to keep any tips that they make during services. During this time Brynna will also provide insight, coaching, and guidance to help students create their own healing practice that is in alignment with their personality and unique healing gifts.  

Materials Provided:

  • All Learning Materials and Books

  • Classroom Training Supplies

  • Professional Practice Paperwork Templates    

Advanced Energy Healing Course Content:

Advanced Healing Techniques

  • Chakra Reconstruction 

  • Grid Work

  • Energetic Tissue Repair

  • Energetic Cord Work


Specialized Energetic Treatments

  • Respiratory System

  • Liver

  • Spine

  • Adrenal System

  • Nervous System

  • Sushumna

  • Lymphatic System


Color Healing

  • Properties of Color

  • Color Healing Uses and Safety

  • Color Light Healing 


Creating a Successful Healing Practice

  • Legal Guidelines and Scope of Practice

  • Business Management Tools

  • Ethics and Client Management

  • Moving through Money Blockages

  • Documentation/Soap Note Charting specific to Energy Healing

  • 40 hr. Student Internship at Anahata Energy Healing Source                 

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