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Astrology Readings

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies and their influence on human affairs and the natural world. Receiving an astrology chart reading can provide valuable information into more deeply understanding yourself, your soul's journey, and how you relate to others.  

Solar Eclipse

Spiritual Journey has partnered with

That Astrology Chick- Allysa Taylor to offer you the best in authentic and personalized astrology readings.

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 About Virtual Astrology Readings: 

 Offered Via zoom video chat

Natal Chart Reading (1hour): $125

A Natal Chart Reading will provide you with valuable insight to help you more deeply understand yourself, your soul's journey, and the cosmos influence in your life. You have the option to participate, ask questions, converse, or you can sit back with a warm cup of tea and listen to your in depth natal chart reading interpreted by Allysa.

Your Natal Reading specifically address:

  • Specific aspects that your soul is here to work with and evolve

  • Your hidden and unique gifts and talents and how to better develop and work with them.

  • What types of careers you would do well at

  • Your subconcious fears and ways you sabotage yourself

  • Things that could be holding you back

  • Any other helpful information specific to you and your chart.

Child Natal Chart Reading (1hour): $125

A Child Natal Chart Reading is helpful to deeply understand your child on multiple levels. Enjoy this time of open sharing, feel free to converse and ask questions. Allysa helps you understand your child's unique blueprint so you can know how to best support and foster their true self.    

A Child Natal reading will specifically address:

  • Specific aspects of your child to help you understand their True Essence.

  • Your child's love language and How they need to be nurtured and loved! 

  • Your child's evolutionary process and how your child processes information

  • What they need to thrive and how you can best support them

Synastry Reading (90 minutes): $160

A Synastry Reading looks at your chart and your partners chart (weather that be your romantic partner, friend, mom, dad, kid, co-worker, business partner etc.) to see the easy parts and the more challenging parts. Allysa gives you a glimpse into one another's life. She interprets how you see one another, the challenges and how to ease those challenges, and the harmonious aspects within the relationship. Allysa also looks at your composite chart. The composite chart smooshes the two of you into one personality. this shows an even deeper layer into your relationship dynamic. It is encouraged to get a natal chart reading for yourself before getting a synastry reading done so you can better understand yourself and your story without the entanglement with another story playing out.  

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